elsy alfrida

hello world im elisabeth alfrida was born on 27 March 1992 ago. This is a blog that I manage, although it looks simple but is learning to become better. I am a person who likes listening to music, reading novels or other story books, browsing, and write something useful and quality in this blog to be read by a person or just seen is not an issue.
after my graduated from senior high school on 2010, now on 2011 im come back to continued my studied in university at Mulawarman University in Culture departemnt… im happy becase for long time (1 year) now i can feel what my friends feels become a students in collage, but sometimes i have little bite problem, when i have introduction to Literature, we studied about literature in middle ages, 18’s , greek myth , and much more. It makes my head spin around MySpace

I like Super Junior, a boy band from South Korea, BigBang, Justin Timberlake and Justin and many more ….

전 1992년 3월 27일에서 태어났습니다. 이것은 간단하게 보이지만, 내가 관리하는 블로그이지만 좋은 학습이 될 것입니다. 나는이 문제가 아니라, 음악을 듣고 소설이나 다른 이야기 책 읽기, 검색, 그리고 사람이 읽을하거나 볼 수이 블로그에서 유용한 무언가 및 품질을 작성을 좋아하는 사람입니다.
나는 슈퍼 주니어, 한국에서 소년 밴드, 빅뱅, 저스틴 팀버 레이크와 저스틴과 더 많은처럼 ….


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